Shooting Aerial Photography for a Wedding

by | Oct 15, 2018

Establishing yourself in the wedding industry is no easy feat. There are hundreds of firms and freelancers who offer the same range of services that you do and at much lower prices. To set themselves apart, more and more firms are including aerial photography in their range of services as an attempt to offer something new in their wedding packages.

For some, aerial photography is something completely new. It takes a lot more skill and concentration to take fantastic shots while piloting a drone at the same time.

If you’ve recently decided to include drone services in your wedding packages, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to guarantee that you get some great wedding shots with your drone.

Location makes all the difference

As much as possible, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the locations before you plan your shots.

Remember that you’re going to be maneuvering your drone through this location, so if you’re shooting in an unfamiliar location, you run the risk of accidentally crashing your drone because of an unexpected obstacle.

Ask the clients about their wedding location, and try to visit it in person if you can. If you can’t make use of Google Maps or Earth to take a look at it.

Plan your shots

Like with any kind of photo shoot, you should always plan your shots ahead of time. This is especially important for aerial photography because you’re going to maneuvering your drone while taking photos at the same time. If you had the chance to check out the location ahead of time, use that information to plan out your shots properly.

Practice with your drone

Piloting your drone is half the battle when it comes to drone photography. Make sure that you practice the moves and maneuvers that you plan on using for the shots that you have planned. This helps cut down on any wasted time and helps prevent any accidents.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

One of the reasons why aerial photography has become so popular in the wedding industry is because of the unique shots that you can take with a drone.

As a drone photographer, don’t be afraid to take some risks with your drone. Overhead angles, lower angles, there is no limit to the kinds of shots that you can take with a drone.

Check local laws

This is something that you should do before even flying your drone. With the rise in popularity of the use of drones in a commercial setting, drone laws and regulations have been set in place to protect the general public and the drone pilot. Make sure that you check what these are in order to avoid violating any laws.