Shooting Travel Drone Photography

by | Sep 25, 2018

One of the biggest contributors to the booming popularity of drone photography is its use as a tool when shooting travel photography. Travel in itself is already an amazing experience, and more and more backpackers and travelers are allowing us a glimpse into these amazing locations from unique perspectives.

Drones are very popular among travel photographers, not only for the unique medium they provide, but also because it allows them to push the boundaries of the subjects that they choose to shoot without getting themselves hurt.

It could be at the edge of a waterfall, or a rainforest, drones allow you to explore these natural wonders without hurting yourself of nature. So if you’re interested in joining the ranks of the traveling drone photography, here are some drone photography tips to keep in mind during your travels.

A drone does not a travel photographer make

Remember that just because you have a drone does not automatically make you a travel photographer. One of the things that make drone photography unique is the play on perspectives. A landscape could look perfectly normal from the front, but if you take a look at it from fifty feet up in the air, it changes completely.

Use those perspectives and those angles to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take shots of famous landmarks from up in the air, beaches, forests, anything that you think will make for a great photograph. Explore your photography.

Follow the light

Like in traditional photography, following the light is still an important thing to remember. The golden hour still holds true, even in the world of drone photography.

You should plan your shots for early in the morning just before dawn to get the best light for your photography. Noontime is usually too bright and isn’t the best light for photography, so you can make use of this time to see the sights and be a tourist for a little while.

Make use of the crowd

Sometimes shooting photography of crowded scenes can make for some pretty interesting shots. Marketplaces, plazas, these are areas where you can combine perspective and crowds for a very interesting shot. However, before you go through with this, make sure that you read up on the local drone laws.

Some countries don’t allow drones to be flown near or in a crowded area. As a guest in their country, show the proper respect by observing their local laws to avoid any legal conflicts with the locals.