Simple Drone Videography Maneuvers That Make a Difference

by | Nov 12, 2018

Drone videography and photography can be pretty difficult to pull off, especially for drone pilots that aren’t experienced with drone flying. Drone photography is hard enough, having to take photos while maneuvering a drone at the same time. Drone videography is even more difficult since you have to make your drone move in certain ways in order to guarantee that you get some great video.

At least with drone photography, you can let your drone stay still while you take a shot, but you can’t use that when shooting video. To help you out, here are some simple drone videography maneuvers that can really make a difference in making your videos stand out.

Mix it up a little

One reason why your video shots can look a little dull is that it just looks like you’re approaching the scene from the front or from the top. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it comes off as a little typical and doesn’t really stand out.

If you want to make your shots stand out, it helps to combine the axis movements on your drone. This makes your footage more dramatic and adds a layer of depth to the whole thing.

Go in circles

A classic drone video maneuver involves having your drone fly in circles around the subject of the shot. This makes the video look a little more cinematic. If you want the full effect of this particular maneuver, it’s important that you keep the subject of the video in the middle of the video in order to emphasize the focus on it.

Make sure that you practice this maneuver properly as it takes a lot of time and practice to fly in a perfect circle properly.

Don’t be afraid to look at it from another angle

In the same way that combining axis maneuvers can go a long way in making your drone videography more interesting, switching up the angles of the shot can make a lot of difference as well.

For example, some people think that the point of shooting with a drone means going up as high as possible and taking a shot from that angle, but a low angle can look just as good, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you have a moving subject, following the subject from different angles can make your footage look a lot more interesting.

Slow and smooth

Of course, if you want to pull off these drone videography maneuvers, it’s very important that you practice flying your drone in a smooth maneuver. It’s no use learning more complicated moves until you master the more basic moves.