Simple Drone Videography Tricks to Make Your Company Video Stand Out

by | Nov 26, 2018

Company videos have a bit of a reputation for coming off a little bit bland, which tends to pain a bit of a bad image for the companies that these videos are for. Because of this, plenty of companies are seeking help from professional companies to spice up their company videos and make them more appealing to the general public. One way that they’re doing this is by incorporating drone videography into their company videos.

Drone technology and services are becoming very popular due to their uniqueness of capturing a scene. In addition to this, people really like the fact that it lends a more interesting look and depth to an otherwise typical scene, which makes it perfect for making a video look more interesting.

If you’re considering incorporating drone videography into your company video, here are some simple tricks that might help you out.

The dramatic reveal

If you’re looking to kick off your video with a bang, you can always go with the big dramatic reveal. It’s simple enough to carry out, with the drone doing a slow, cinematic round of the subject, or doing a slow close-up of the subject.

If you hired a professional drone services company to handle this, make sure that you coordinate with them accordingly to get the most impact out of your shot.

Aerial group shots

It’s always a good idea to showcase your company’s employees during a company video, so why not put a spin on things and pull off an aerial group shot? It deviates significantly from the usual board members/typical office employee shots that seem to be very popular in typical company videos.

Instead of having to arrange them portrait-style, you can have them go outside and take photos and videos having fun outside. This gives audiences the impression that your company is a fun one to work for.

Office shots

Getting inside office shots are going to be a little tricky, mostly because it’s generally not allowed to fly a drone inside a building.

However, if you’re shooting your entire company video with a drone, this can still be easily done by carrying your drone the same way that you would carry around a normal camera. Drones typically have gimbals which help keep the shots stabilized while you carry it around to guarantee clean shots.

Office events

To make your video more interesting, you can incorporate shots of your company events. Since it’s a casual event, your employees will look more carefree, which makes for a more appealing video for audiences.

By showing audiences how much fun your employees are having, you’re showing them that your company creates a great environment for their employees.