Spice Up Your Corporate Video Production With These Amazing Tips

by | Jul 12, 2018

Businesses need regular corporate video production to update their customers about product launches, live events, testimonials, and product presentation. This content is critical to the presence of the business both in real life and in social media. But remember, a corporate video production is not just any ordinary video. They must be made by a professional, they must convey a professional tone, and they must be appealing and appropriate to the target market.

The problem, however, with video contents for businesses is they often appear stiff and boring. This is not what customers want to see. They want a fun, engaging, and interesting video content that could inform them about important updates.

Camera techniques

Don’t let your cameras stay in one place and shoot from there. There are a lot of camera techniques you can utilize to add movement and style to your video. This will keep the viewers engaged and it also reflects positively on your brand. Some of the equipment you can use are lenses, sliders, and jib-arms.


Drones are not only popular with video teams, but with viewers as well. These are fun to operate and they capture videos in an interesting way. Drones can be used to capture a birds-eye view of an event venue, a new store, and a real estate property. You can even use drones in your presentation. Instead of opening your keynote speech with a still image, you can use a dynamic drone footage to show a landscape or the event itself.

Post-production editing services

Cameramen are creative and they are fun to watch as they do their work. Creative and experienced editors are something else. With just a few footage to work on, some filters, and an array of creative options, they can have an output before you in mere hours.

You can never fully appreciate how good a video footage is until it undergoes the creative genius of post-production work. There are a lot of stylistic elements that editors can use such as pacing, animation, photos, transitions, colors, audio, music, on-screen text, and more.

Micro-content edits

Your viewers would not love the idea of watching a one-hour video on social media. That’s why it’s important for you to realize just how important micro-contents are, especially on mobile devices. These are clips taken from the full video.

They usually only last about 15 or 30 seconds, but they should be able to convey the summary of the full video’s message. Micro-content can be used to tease viewers and public interest, support a longer video, send as invitation, and send as video press releases.