Starting Your Career in the Lakeland Wedding Videography Industry

by | Aug 14, 2020

There are a lot of videographers who already made a name for themselves in the Lakeland wedding videography industry. There are too many of them, in fact, that budding videographers usually find it hard to break into the mold. How can they enter such a tough and challenging industry? What can they do to stand above the fray? These are usually the questions that come to mind whenever someone wants to enter the industry for the first time.

Offer Something New

If you are going to offer the same services that the rest of those in the Lakeland wedding videography industry do then you cannot separate yourself from them. You need to offer something more than event coverages, drone videography, landscape photography, and the like. You need a differentiator; something that will make you stand out in a sea of videographers offering the same products and services.

What are these different products? You can learn how to create storyboards, conceptualize marketing strategies, write dialogues and scripts, and even act in front of the camera. You can even build a portfolio of interesting and unique weddings that you covered in the past to show potential clients the range of what you can do.

Be Professional

Sure, there are a lot of great videographers, but not every one of them is a professional. Some may be too arrogant for the clients’ liking. Others are too fully booked that they can’t even answer queries sent by their clients. One way to differentiate yourself from the rest of them is to act professionally at all times. Always strive to answer questions, attend meetings on time, and be courteous to your clients.

Simply meeting deadlines is a huge boost to your reputation. When you say you’re going to send a proposal on a certain day, make sure you can do so. Otherwise, don’t promise to fulfill an obligation on a certain date. Give yourself time to finish what you need to do.

Learn to Apologize

There will be times that your clients won’t be too happy with you. As much as you strive to be the best videographer for them, it’s not an easy task to do because there are circumstances in your life that are just out of your control.

For example, you’re driving early to a meeting but there was a car accident on the road. That accident created traffic that hindered you from getting to the meeting place on time. Call to apologize and offer to reschedule the meeting if they don’t like to wait for you anymore. Make sure to let them set the next meeting. Drive all the way to their offices if you need to.

A wedding is a special occasion in your clients’ lives. Try not to ruin the moment for them. Make the process as seamless as possible, and you can find a place for you in the Lakeland wedding videography industry.