Taking Care of That Expensive Drone For Drone Photography

by | Jul 24, 2018

Since drones cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, we should take good care of them and make sure they are in excellent condition before piloting them to the air. By following several very useful tips, you will ensure that your drone photography hobby or business will last for a long, long time.

Carry out a pre-flight checklist

List down everything your drones need before flying—the batteries, the propellers, the props, etc. Put that list on your phone (which, admittedly, we rarely forget to bring with us) and check that list before flying your drone.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have done this in the past. You could easily forget something just because you are reckless and abandoned the checklist.

Take good care of the batteries

Not taking care of the batteries can not only cause the drones to malfunction, but it could also be fatal to the operator. When batteries are misused, it could cause the drone to explode and you can get serious injuries from it.

Always make a conscious effort to maintain the batteries in good condition. These are the helpful tips: fly only with fully charged batteries, don’t drain the batteries, remove the batteries when the drone is not in use, and do not leave the batteries fully charged for more than two days.

Buy a suitable case for the drone

Sometimes, because we are too excited to use the drone, we forget one important aspect of its mobility: where should we put it? Purchase the right backpack or right case for the drone, so that you can carry it safely.

You can choose either a hard case or a simple backpack. The important thing is to buy a case that’s made exclusively for a drone.

Fly only in good conditions

As much as you want to fly your drones all-year-round, this is unfortunately not possible. Most drones are only suitable for wind speeds not greater than 36kph. That means you cannot fly your drones during storms, snow, and really extreme weather conditions.

So as much as we want to check out the weather conditions, that’s not possible with drones since that will only endanger our equipment. Leave the scientific exploration to the experts and those who have professional equipment for it.

Clean the motors and propellers

To ensure that your drones are efficiently maintained, you must take extra precautions into making sure that the motors and propellers are all free of dirt, dust, and grime.

Every after flying, remove the propellers and clean them to blow out any dirt from the motors. Flying drones can be kind of addictive so if you’re flying for extended periods of time, make sure to clean your motors and propellers right after.