Taking Care Of Your Drone For Aerial Photography

by | Aug 7, 2018

If you want to get into the hobby of taking aerial photography with your drone, you must also make sure to take care of your equipment. This will ensure that they will work and will be ready to fly once you take them out again for a spin. Every drone is different and will require a certain maintenance level to work at its best.

What you’ll find here are some general tips on how to take care of most drones and what you must do to ensure that your drones are kept in tip-top shape.

Build a small toolkit

You should always have a small toolkit with you filled with cleaning materials for your drone. What you need are the following: a small, soft cleaning brush, canned air, alcohol, microfiber cloth, and 3-in-1 lubricant.

These are the general things you should bring with you when you take your drones flying. After every fly, clean the visible parts with the soft cloth and using the canned air, clean the hard-to-reach spots such as the areas around the motor and the propeller.

Check with your drone’s manufacturer if the motor needs lubricant. If it does, bring a small bottle with you everywhere you go.

Extra propellers and extra batteries

The first thing that gets damaged when the drone drops from the air or crashes are the propellers. They are also one of the most essential things needed to keep your drones in the air.

Keep an extra propeller or two with you to ensure that you won’t have to go home once you drop your drone. You can continue flying the drones by just changing the props. Check with your manufacturer which propellers are the best replacement for your drone.

You should also have a set of extra batteries with you. Most batteries are very specific to a drone, so check which ones you need. Make sure your spare ones are fully charged, too. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Pre-flight check

Do a pre-flight check before flying your drone. That means checking the open space where you intend to fly. If there are trees and other obstructions, make sure you are flying away from them.

Check the motor, the propellers, and the other parts of the drone. Check the controller, too, and make sure that they are in proper condition. Make sure to set things up correctly before flying your drone.