The Do’s And Don’ts of A Wedding Videographer

by | Aug 7, 2018

Couples want to relive their wedding because it is one of the most momentous experiences of their lives. They want to visit each moment and see these memories preserved through the work of a videographer. The last thing couples would want to live through is having to deal with a wedding videographer that could not deliver the services promised.

Do come on time

Be at the venue even before the couple, the other wedding suppliers, and the guests arrive. You should be able to capture footages of the venue before everyone starts to swarm it.

It is always beautiful to capture the before pictures of the venue when it is waiting for the couple and the guests to arrive. There’s something dramatic about that photo.

Don’t forget your equipment

Do not ever forget to bring the most essential equipment with you—your cameras, your lights, your microphones, your tripods and goffers, and your laptop. Most weddings prefer having same-day-edit videos, so you should always be prepared to edit the videos after shooting them.

Do prepare suggestions and recommendations

The couple hired you because they believe you are an expert in the field of wedding videography. Be prepared suggesting and advising couples about their poses and even the music they want for their videos.

You should always take the time to get to know the couple, so you can tailor-fit your suggestions according to their characters.

Don’t be nasty to the couple

Some videographers are plain nasty or grumpy to the couple. Maybe a personal problem is bothering you? Maybe there’s an issue in the office? No matter what it is, leave it when you go to the venue. The couple paid for your services for the happiest day of their lives. Don’t ruin their day just because yours is crappy.

Do cooperate with other wedding suppliers

You will have to deal with other wedding suppliers—the stylist, the coordinator, the caterer, the venue manager, the florists, etc. Don’t lose your temper when you don’t get your way. Learn to cooperate and accommodate special requests from other suppliers, so you won’t disappoint the couple.

Don’t make it about you

Don’t make the event about you. Even if you are the best in the industry, the event is not about you and your talents. You are there to take photos and videos of the couple. The goal is to make them feel better and make them look good.