The Impact of Lakeland Aerial Videography on Consumers

by | Dec 12, 2019

Something is missing in a promotional video that does not include Lakeland aerial videography. There’s something unoriginal about productions solely shot on the ground. As consumers, we are always looking for a company that innovates and embraces technological changes. Such is the impact of aerial photography and videography on clients that many businesses have started investing in it.

On Delivery and Courier Services

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said that more than 86% of online orders weigh less than five pounds. This means that the company can use drones to drop them off the porches and front doors of their intended receivers. Amazon has started rolling out drones to certain addresses. They’ve made delivering packages easy and convenient. Although there are hiccups along the way, it looks like consumers are looking at seeing drones drop off their packages.

On Agricultural Farms

Do you know how expensive it is to monitor an agricultural field that’s thousands of acres in size? Most farmers have to hire a helicopter or a plane to take photos and videos of their farms from miles away. But with a $1,200 drone, they can get a clear picture of what their fields near. Once certain restrictions on flights are lifted by the FAA, farmers will have more power on their hands to go beyond the pilot’s field of vision.

On Events

Do you want a moment to look as epic as possible? Why settle with ground photos and videos of a wedding or a birthday? You can get more stunning photos and videos using Lakeland aerial videography. Images from drones are now appearing in Hollywood films, TV series, vlogs, and social media feeds. They are so unique and attention-grabbing that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a movie that did not use a drone at least once.

On Humanitarian Aid

Aerial photography and videography aren’t just about consumerism. They can help many organizations distribute relief goods to war zones and typhoon-stricken areas. For example, in Rwanda, a health center can order blood for a patient and someone can send the blood in 40 minutes using a parachute. Carrying supplies to remote islands is one of the clear benefits of using drones in far-flung places.

On Insurance Claims

Investigations conducted by insurance companies take a long time. That’s why when an insurance claim is being made for a typhoon-struck home, the insurance company can send a drone to take photos and videos of the particular house. In a matter of hours, the insurance company can decide on the severity of the damage to the house. It can also assure the claimant that they will pay for the damages incurred.