The Importance of Equipment In Drone Photography

by | Jul 31, 2018

If you have ever been stunned into silence by a film scene where the camera pans over mountains, lakes, vistas, and landscapes, you have probably heard about a little thing we call drone photography. Yes, right? This allows you to capture images or the same landmark footages we see in Hollywood films.

Instead of relying on a film crew which you would have to fly over a certain area in a helicopter, you’re putting your faith on your trusty, high-quality drone that would carry your high-tech camera over the cliffs.

The hobby (as some say it is) is exploding in every part of the world. Even in third-world countries in Asia, people are investing in drones for personal use (not everything is commercial).

They are taking stunning and amazing photos of their vacations, snapping quality pictures of their friends, and even taking on small projects on the side to capture moments during birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, wedding proposals, and company launches.

So, if you want to make sure that your little project will become successful, you need to gather (either by investing or renting) the right equipment that would aid your drone to capture those special moments.

Drones and cameras

The price of a drone can range from a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands of cold hard cash. It really depends on the quality of the drone, the range of the drone, and the stability and safety of the drone.

Just like cameras, there are different features that make a drone more expensive than others. If you’re a beginner, you may just want to invest in the cheapest drone you can find.

You will spend a lot of your time practicing, and you don’t want to constantly worry about your expensive equipment. The same goes for the camera. Find a cheaper one to practice on instead of spending all your money on an expensive camera that you would only be practicing on.

Remote controls

A remote control for the drone will come with the package, but you should also purchase one for your camera. You need to be able to control your camera’s settings such as the brightness, the ISO, the white balance, the shutter speed, the angle, etc. Modern cameras and smartphones, of course, would allow you to control all of these using a specific app, so you may want to look into that, too.

Rt/RC systems for data transmission

What good would all those footages be if your camera cannot transmit it to your computer? You need to be able to see the footages on your screen, so you know (from the ground) if the camera is panned and angled right. This will allow you to decide whether you have taken enough shots of the area or you need to fly the drone more.