The Most Effective Lakeland Video Production for Employee Onboarding

by | Mar 12, 2020

Onboarding employees effectively is a challenge shared by human resources personnel and managers. Business owners have to find ways on how to onboard their employees efficiently. Thankfully, they also found out that using Lakeland video production could be the most effective way to brief new hires on company policies and culture.

What all employees want is the same thing: to retain employees and make them perform better and faster. For that to happen, employees must feel confident about their tasks and place in the organization. They must be familiar with company policies, making sure they are aware of the roles they play in the company.

There are many types of Lakeland video production, but none is as most effective in onboarding employees as the ones listed down here:

Leadership Welcome

This is a video of the company owner or CEO welcoming new hires to the organization. It introduces the head of the company to everyone in the organizational chart. Here, the CEO can talk about the company’s mission, goals, and objectives.

About Us

Why does the company exist? What does it hope to accomplish for its clients? What can it promise to its clientele? This kind of video will tell employees about the company’s history, culture, social activities, and overall purpose.

Job Description

This is the part that matters most to employees. This should detail the core responsibilities of the position, as well as the kind of organizational support the employees will receive. The video should also discuss ways on how their performance will be measured and ranked.

Department Overview

To which team will the employees be assigned? They need to know what kind of objectives the team has for the company. How can the team help the organization by reaching the goals set out for them? The employees should have a common vision as the team and the rest of the company.

Video Employee Directory

Who are your other employees? Your new hires must get to know the current crop of employees you already have. Each new hire should create a video introduction where they talk about themselves and their interests. Make sure that the video is properly optimized with meta tags to make it easy for new hires to find current employees with the same interests.

IT Policies and Procedures

In this day and age, cybercriminals lurk on the world wide web. It is important that through Lakeland video production, employees are made to understand the implications of their activities on the web. They must know the IT policies of the company, so they can protect themselves and company data from getting stolen.