The Small Details In Your Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | Mar 15, 2021

Many people think that a successful Lakeland wedding videography means focusing on the grandeur of the ceremony and the reception. The reality of the situation is that a successful wedding shoot is in how well the team captures the little details that make a wedding beautiful.

Without these small details, you only have a person in formal clothing, which does nothing to capture the heart of the wedding couple. After all, these small details are the things that the wedding couple took the time and energy to pick out specifically for their wedding day, so it is your responsibility to document these. Here are some of the little details that you should not overlook in your Lakeland wedding videography.

Clothing and accessories

Any wedding shoot will start with a pre-ceremony shoot, which includes shots of the preparation area, including the wedding couple getting ready for the ceremony. In this shot, make sure that you include shots of the small details in the clothing and accessories that the couple has chosen.

This can include the shoes that the bride is wearing and the cufflinks that the groom is using, as well as everything from the, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” categories. These are all accessories and things that are important to the wedding couple and need to be documented.


The choice of flowers can say a lot about a wedding couple, so you have to make sure that you include these in your documentation process. Plenty of wedding couples use their flowers to tell their love story, using the language of flowers and color psychology in their bouquets. Ask the wedding couple about these, and if you find that there is a deeper meaning to the choice of flower, then include these in your shots.

Specific ceremony details

The wedding ceremony is a huge event, but you should not be focusing only on the spectacle of it. Take the time to shoot the smaller wedding details, like the choice in wedding music and the small details that make up the ceremony as a whole. These small details can make the entire ceremony feel more meaningful.

Pay attention

Any Lakeland wedding videography gig will also include the shot list of what you need to be shooting during the wedding day, but you should also be using your professional experience to keep an eye out for the small details. It can be an intimate look shared between the newlyweds, or a laugh at a speech, these are all details that add depth and meaning to a wedding video.