The Three Essentials of Lakeland Aerial Videography

by | Sep 4, 2019

Lakeland aerial videography has now become a semi-permanent fixture within the video production industry. It was first introduced into commercial video production a few years ago, and it doesn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon.

Because of its popularity, there are plenty of amateurs looking to get into the drone community and contribute in their own way.

However, Lakeland aerial videography isn’t something that you can just rush into without thinking. There are a few things that you definitely need to keep in mind before anything else. To help you out, read on to learn about the three essentials of aerial videography.

Learn the maneuvers

One of the most common mistakes that plenty of first-time drone pilots make is assuming that handling a drone is going to be as easy as pushing some buttons on a controller.

However, this can be problematic because what these pilots don’t see is that professionals who make it look easy have been doing this for a long time, which means that they know how to handle a drone flight while shooting footage at the same time.

Make sure that you take the time to practice the maneuvers of handling a drone, especially if you’re going to have to combine it with shooting footage. If you can afford it, you should invest in a cheap drone that you can practice around with.


Of course, in an industry where something as advanced as drone technology exists, the core tech of your drone is an essential part of any drone videography pilot. Make sure that you understand the full capabilities of your drone and how to utilize it, otherwise, you may end up wasting your drone.

Not maximizing the full potential of your drone would be akin to setting all of your DSLR’s controls to “automatic”, and hoping that it works out. Knowing how to use all of the features on your drone to its full advantage is key to making sure that you get great shots consistently.

Everything legal

However, Lakeland aerial videography isn’t all fun and games. There are other things that you need to worry about, including certain legal aspects to the hobby as a whole.

In the drone industry, there are a few legal requirements that you need to comply with before you can even begin flying your drone. This includes getting a pilot’s license and drone registration, so make sure that you get these done before anything else.