Things to Look for in a Lakeland Aerial Videography Portfolio

by | Jan 8, 2020

If you’re looking for a Lakeland aerial videography, make sure you’re speaking with one that has a portfolio you can check. From the portfolio, you can determine the level of skills, techniques, and tools that the videographers have and use. You’ll have a better grasp of what you will be paying for.

But what exactly are you looking for in a portfolio? What are the things that will make or break an aerial videographer? What are your deal-breakers, the things that will make you turn your back to a prospective service provider?


What kind of shots does the videographer use in the portfolio? Is there a variety to the shots? If the videographer only uses panning and zooming, then those don’t say a lot about the kind of shots that he knows. There should be a lot more than the basic angles of a photo or video. There should cinematic effects on the way the aerial shots are being taken. More than panning or zooming, there should be orbiting, axis movements, low-altitude flying, and sideway movements.


The videographer should be able to tell a story. It’s not enough that he has a few tricks up his sleeves. He should tell a story using his video techniques. The reason why directors and cameramen are using aerial videography is that it can tell a story in a way that’s different from a camera propped on a tripod. Aerial videos are different because they stand out in the storytelling department. They are more cinematic and dramatic.


Is the quality of the video okay? Did the videographer use the latest camera? It pays to invest in the latest camera equipment because it enables the videographer to take shots that not very many focus and zoom lens can achieve. From watching the video, you can tell whether the videographer has one of the best cameras in the business. Sure, he doesn’t need to have the latest camera model, but he should be able to use whatever camera he has and do magnificent work.

You cannot go and just hire anybody to make your marketing videos. you need to be sure about the kind of Lakeland aerial videography you’re going to invest in. Take the time to do ample research before signing your name on that contract. Remember that this is a major component of your marketing strategy. Choosing the best videographer is the first step to success.