Tips For Couples Who Want To Hire Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | Apr 25, 2019

Social media have forced us to think of ourselves as celebrities, so much so that even in Lakeland wedding videography, we are influenced to choose the most expensive videographers that we can afford. Some even go so far as to take a loan just to fund their very expensive weddings.

The common misconception about wedding videography is that the most popular videographer would naturally be the best one, too; that expensive videography services mean quality videos and perfect editing. But such beliefs have to be squashed.

Although wedding videographers can charge as high as $10,000 for an eight-hour coverage, you don’t always have to spend half the amount of a well-functioning car to get a nice video coverage of your wedding.

While it is true that these expensive videographers equate to the best cameras, editing equipment, and maybe even output, it doesn’t hold true always. You have to look at the skills of the videographer, above anything else.

No matter how good or high-tech the camera used to snap those photos and shoot those videos, a videographer’s skills will be the linchpin that holds everything together. You shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t necessarily believe in. You always have a choice.

There are too many good videographers out there, so our tip is to find the best one that will work for the budget you have and the skills you require. You also have to think a lot about the kind of package you’re going to avail of.

Most videographers will offer to edit the video for you, turn it into a six-minute tearjerker of a music video, host it on their cloud, and upload it on social media for you. Sounds satisfying, right? It all comes with a heavy price tag, though.

A full package that will require the videographer to cover and shoot the wedding for more than eight hours and edit the video for presentation will cost around $7,000 to $10,000.

Of course, you can always omit some of the package inclusions. Try not to avail of the outputs and just focus on having the actual raw footage. You can always hire a third-party video editor later on to cut the video scenes and make them come to life in a stunning MTV-like presentation.

But if you’ve got the money for it, isn’t it nice to have the video with you as soon as you end your wedding party? As husband and wife, you can re-watch the scenes of your wedding—from the ceremony to the afterparty.