Tips On How To Get Couples To Relax For Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | Apr 25, 2019

Social media have become a boon for some couples, especially those who are too camera-shy to get their photos and videos taken. However, social media will pressure them into hiring a Lakeland wedding photography team to cover their weddings. The problem is, shyness and awkwardness before a camera don’t go away simply because the couple decides to hire a professional photographer.

So, how can a photographer get couples to relax enough to take a few snaps that won’t look stoic?

Meet with them before the shoot

The couple has to relax but they’ll only be comfortable with you if they know who you are before the shoot. A few days before the wedding, meet with the couple and get to know them—their story and what they plan after the wedding.

Specifically, avoid talking about the preparations for the wedding or the contract you just signed. Think of this meeting as a casual coffee date with friends. You can tell them about yourself, too, so you won’t be such a stranger to them the next time you meet.

Get them to talk about an interesting topic

People are more comfortable smiling for the camera when they have something else in mind. Get the couple to talk about any interesting topic—may it be current news, movies, music, the internet, etc.

Then, simply ask them to pose and smile for the camera. Since they are talking about topics that interest them, they will be less worried about how they look and the photos will come out more natural.

Ask them questions about themselves

Even the timidest of people want to talk about themselves and their interests. You can distract the couple from their feelings of awkwardness by asking them questions about what they do in their free time, what their jobs are, what kinds of hobbies they do, and even which places appeal most to them. If the couple can talk about themselves, they are more likely to relax and let go of their inhibitions even if they have to pose before the camera.

Make them laugh

If you’re good at making people laugh, use this “skill” to get more natural-looking photos. You’ll soon find out how gorgeous the Lakeland wedding photography will look with the couple laughing at each other’s eyes or even towards the camera. The couple will also appreciate the effort you put into making them smile and that will translate to the photos.