Understanding The Different Uses of Photography And Videography

by | Jan 23, 2019

The world of photography and videography has evolved over the years. It turned digital, of course, but it also became a fast-paced and dog-eat-dog industry where everyone owns a camera and practically even a five-year-old can shoot “acceptable” videos. It became so hard to stand out from the rest of the pack that finding a videographer or a photographer who has creative skills to handle projects is almost a rarity.

Of course, that does not mean we should turn to amateurs when we need videos or photos of our company or personal events. Photography and videography are used more than just for personal occasions. At the most, we pay professionals for their technical know-how and their ability to see what we ordinary mortals cannot.

So, don’t ever think that we can simply make do of a simple smartphone for your videos. We need experts. We need them because they are the ones who understand how to create a video that will supply the needs and demands of the project. Here are the different ways we use photos and videos:

Drone video

We use drone video to establish a setting. If the video will be used in a promotional clip, it will be useful in establishing where the piece of real estate is, for example. The video can show the exact location of that real estate on the map and which establishments stand near it.

The video can also show the landscape where the piece of an estate is located and how convenient it will be for a client to purchase it. When it comes to wedding videos, a drone video will establish where the ceremony and reception are held. It will create a dramatic entrance for the bride and groom.

Drone photos

Drone photos are the same as videos, albeit they are better at being used for evidentiary purposes. Instead of a video having to play over and over again to get an idea across, the photos will bring focus to the details.

A real estate, for example, can provide better details and information through a photo. A video will just rush pass the features of an estate but a photo can provide greater detail.

Data collection

What most people don’t realize is that photography and videography services can be used to collect data, too. In fact, the use of drones for this service made it easier to survey construction projects, map locations, and take stunning photos of landscapes.