Understanding the Purposes of Corporate Video Production

by | Jan 2, 2019

How annoying is it to be called again to the conference room for the nth time this month because there’s a new hire or employee that you have to brief on company regulations, ethics, products, services, and other rules? It’s a complete waste of time and resources to do this every single time there’s a new employee. Corporate video production is going to solve a lot of things for you. You need to produce it only once and it can be watched over and over again.

In fact, you can make a copy accessible to your employees so they can revisit what you said when they seemed to have forgotten about it.

Corporate video production has many purposes so let’s break them down and try to understand each of them here:

How to deal with customer requests and complaints

The hardest part about owning a business is not just the finances or the operation of the whole thing. It’s actually the handling of customers and their requests and their complaints.

In general, we try to give in to what the customers want and what they need but there will be times that the requests are impossible and the complaints are annoying. Through the video, you can teach your people how to handle these situations calmly and with grace.

How to navigate the company’s intranet site

An intranet is a local network connecting all the company’s computers. You can share folders with your co-workers and your bosses and you can chat with them through an integrated chat box.

For some, this is a complicated process that they have to learn as they go along working with you. Your corporate video can help ease their worries about using the intranet and help them better understand how to navigate and use it to their advantage.

How to use specialized software

Are you using different project management software, one that was created specifically for your company? If so, you need to train your employees how to use that software so you don’t sow confusion among them. While most programs and applications are easy to understand, some are too complicated because of the multitude of functions and capabilities.

How to handle emergency situations

An important aspect of your corporate video is the part about handling emergency situations. What do they do in case of a fire and some other natural calamity?

Where’s the fire exit? Who’s on top of that kind of situation? Where do they go? Though we hope that nothing befalls our businesses, it is still important to be ready for these situations when they do happen.