Using Corporate Video For In-House Communication

by | Jun 8, 2018

Majority of our communication methods go through digital videos and the internet. Internal communication in businesses is no different and that is why we should look at the possibilities and opportunities of using corporate video to send an important message to your colleagues or communicate a specific company policy to the employees.

Compelling videos can be as good as actually speaking in the office in person. Communication with the employees and your colleagues through videos saves a lot of time from both sides because you don’t have to sit in one room and discuss the policies, concepts, and ideas.

Training videos

Conducting trainings, seminars, and workshops means money. You would have to pull out employees from their regular work to attend the sessions and you would have to pay them still. You would also have to pay for the services of the resource person or for someone who would organize the workshops. You need to provide food and drinks, too, and that would cost a lot of money.

But if you can just use a corporate video to train employees, especially new ones, then that would not cost you a dime. You simply have to give your employees an hour or two to watch the videos, and they should be able to understand the concepts easily.

Briefing videos

When there’s a new hire in your company, it means you would have to spend time to train them. That takes a lot of time that should be spend doing actual work. You can ask another employee to do it for you, but that would sacrifice that employee’s time as well. What you can do is produce a video that would serve as a briefing video for the new hires.

The video/s should explain the company policies, rules, regulations, and many other things. Your new hires should spend a day watching these videos and asking questions to the right people (if there are any), though you must be able to explain everything in the video.

Memorandum videos

Do you have a new policy you want enacted? A memorandum would do the trick, but it would be better if you can explain everything to your employees. That cultivates an engaging culture in the office, and your employees would appreciate you more for the effort. However, that will take time away from you when you could have done something more with your time. Make a video of yourself announcing the new policy or the ideas you want enacted in the company. All your employees need to do is take a minute or two out of their daily schedules to watch the video/s.