Using Corporate Video Production Services for Internal Communications

by | May 27, 2021

We use corporate video production mostly for digital marketing. But, do you know that it is also an effective tool to improve internal communications in the office? This is especially true today when companies are struggling with how to manage an ever-growing remote workforce because of the pandemic. With more of their employees working from their homes, companies need all the tools, apps, and programs to effectively and efficiently communicate with their staff.

Introducing Video Use

Introducing the use of videos to your team may be a bit complicated. Studies after studies found out that teams are more comfortable with audio meetings than visual ones. This is especially true for remote team members who do not know each other personally.

However, make sure they understand why video production is important for the collaboration efforts of the team. Once they realize why this is essential, it is easier for them to accept the fact that videos are going to be a part of their everyday work.

Why Use Videos

There are many compelling reasons for the use of video for any company. The first one is that it speeds up learning. If you have to reskill or upskill your team in the middle of a pandemic, a video is the best way to go about it. Since people respond well to visual triggers, videos improve engagement no matter what the topic is about.

The second reason is that videos foster human connection. Sure, email and texting work all the time, but these are cold and informal methods. It has none of the warmth of videos where you can see the varied emotions of employees as you discuss topics, policies, and what-not. Video promotes virtual face-to-face conversations among employees. They are more inclined to cooperate and collaborate when they see who they are cooperating with.

Finally, videos need everyone’s active participation for them to be called successful. When you precede over video meetings, you will notice how everyone wants to contribute to finding a solution to a certain problem. Everyone wants to be a part of the process.

Now that you know how important an corporate video production is for your company’s internal communications, it is time to choose the type of videos that work for you. From whiteboard to how-to videos, there is so much variety that you can use for your team. You can either mix them up a little or stick to a tried-and-tested video like a how-to guide.