Using Lakeland Video Production for a Company’s Onboarding Process

by | Jan 12, 2020

What does a company need to do to cut down on expenses, especially the ones related to hiring new people? Do you know that hiring new employees cost a company tens of thousands of dollars? Do you know that businesses can save so much more money by making a Lakeland video production that will be used in the onboarding process of new hires?

The reason why businesses put so much emphasis and importance on the longevity of one’s tenure is because they want to save on the cost of the hiring process. That’s why they would rather give you what you’re asking for than allow you to leave them. That’s why they never want to dip their toes into the pool of the unemployed no matter how tempting it is to see if new graduates are as good as they say they are.

The practice was started by companies that hire offshore employees. They would usually hire people from different time zone. Setting up a meeting can be difficult. That’s why they create a video that explains the job description in detail, as well as the company policies. It shortens the process of briefing new hires. It also allows these new employees to save the file and revisit it if some of the things confuse them in the future.

Today, companies also use this method for their in-house employees. While they meet with the employees face-to-face, they let them watch the onboarding video to shorten the process. It’s innovative and groundbreaking. It lessens the need for companies to hire people who will be specifically tasked to show new employees around.

But, what should be in an onboarding video? You should be in it. Yes, you, the owner or the business manager. You are the face of the company, aren’t you? Don’t you want your employees to know who you are? You should take the time to introduce yourself to your workers. That will familiarize themselves with you. When they see you in the corridor, they will know who you are. You will be familiar and not like a ghost or celebrity they only hear about from other employees. This relationship is important if you want your new employees to feel welcome.

Mostly, the Lakeland video production should have the same details you would otherwise say during the briefing process. It doesn’t need to be different. It should still be engaging and informative. You should still strike the right balance between fun and technically relevant.