Using Lakeland Video Production in Synchronous Classes

by | Nov 26, 2020

Since a lot of face-to-face classes were suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, teachers have to make use of Lakeland video production for their synchronous classes. Two types of classes are being used today. One is when students are all required to log in to an online class at a specific date and time. The second one is when they can learn at their own pace using videos and modules. Let’s take a look at the first one: synchronous classes using videos.

Creating Videos for Students

Are you creating videos for students’ learning? It is worth noting that this isn’t like creating a film or a documentary. If you are going to create videos for the students, you need to pick a topic that will be better off being explained by visuals.

Remember that some topics are better explained by using visuals. Concepts, theories, and technical topics will do well with visual representations. If this is your way to teach a synchronous class, make sure to pick a topic that will be better off with a video.

Don’t Forget Your Voice

Do not let someone else speak in the video. If you can, use your own voice for the audio. This will help the students connect the video with being in class. It will also show your expertise in the subject matter.

If you will let the video discuss the concepts, the students will feel that they may be better off just watching the video in their own sweet time. However, if you use your own voice in the video, you are showing your students that you know this topic by heart and that you can expound on it further.

Discuss the Video

Don’t let your students watch the video and then never made mention of it again. The only way to show them your expertise in the video is to discuss it afterward. What was discussed in the video? What concepts were floated? Why are these concepts important in your discussions? You have to make an effort to discuss the video further, especially since some of your students may need clarifications about them.

Lakeland video production has gone a long way from being used in corporate settings to being utilized in the virtual classroom. There is, of course, a lot at stake here because you have to keep your students engaged and interested. It is always a struggle, but one that can be solved by your commanding presence in the virtual room.