Ways to Make Money at Home as a Lakeland Videographer

by | Dec 7, 2020

At the height of the coronavirus outbreak, we needed to take stock of how we earn money. For a Lakeland videographer, this meant having to produce videos right at the comfort of his own home. How can one earn money from making videos at home? Is that even possible? Yes and yes. Thanks to social media, the internet, and technology in general, there are now more ways than you can think of to earn money even when you are quarantining at home.

Selling Archive Footage to Stock Websites

While you cannot produce new video footage now even for stock videography, you can go through your hard drive and find old footage. You can then sell these to stock websites. B-roll footages are great because a lot of producers don’t even bother shooting them anymore. They know they can buy from stock videography websites. Sometimes, you may even have shot a short video of the moon that you have uploaded on Instagram.

For you, this meant nothing. But for those who are producing films, commercials, documentaries, and what-not, these are important b-roll footages to capture. You can certainly submit them as a stock video.

Tutoring People Online

There are plenty of people out there who don’t even know how to hold a camera properly. While there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube already, what you can offer is quality. You have the experience. Sell that to your target market. People are willing to pay as long as they are getting an education from a reliable source.

Who is your target market? At most, you should target people who want to improve their skills or learn new ones. You also have to market your tutorial videos to vloggers who want to learn how to take more stunning videos. If you know a bit about editing, throw it in for good measure, too.

Editing Videos Online

A lot of people have minimal skills in taking videos, but they do not know how to edit these videos to make them look as amazing as the ones produced by actual filmmakers. Of course, what they don’t know is that these filmmakers are heavily reliant on video editors, too. Using the power of editing tools and software, video editors can create amazing videos that everyone will love to watch.

A Lakeland videographer has to be creative during these extraordinary times. Soon, things might be back to normal and you can begin shooting videos the way you did before the pandemic. For sure, people can’t wait to celebrate milestones and occasions again.