What Audiences Want In Corporate Video Production This Year

by | Jun 2, 2021

We’ve seen the world changed in the past year. Quite literally, everything is in shambles. It seems to many that we are in a waiting game. We are waiting for a break; an improvement in the COVID-19 cases that will finally tell us we’re on our way to recovery. It has been the worst year of our lives, so it’s safe to say we like to make 2021 a little bit better. But the changes that your businesses experienced in the past year are also true for your audience. They will no longer be contented with the same marketing message they receive from a corporate video production. They want more.

How much more are we talking about? In terms of marketing messages, you should stop using white papers to dictate your every move. That’s not what your market wants to read, hear, and see. Instead, they want your messages to be more humane, to connect, and to offer hope.

Connective Experiences and Being Humane

Right now, we share the same pains. We go through the motions of everyday life, but we harbor the pains of the last year. Companies should be very cautious about the way they craft their messages. They should offer more connective experiences. They should be more humane in their messages. They should put the people first rather than their businesses. When creating a message, put your audience at the center of your strategy, so you’ll never go wrong.

Know Their Current Priorities

Shopping for an expensive handbag is not on their list of priorities right now. They’re saving for the bumps ahead, so it will be hard to make them shell out their hard-earned money. But some messages will still be sensitive to their current state while also trying to convince them to buy some non-essentials, for example. Offering discounts and promos is a good thing. Telling them it’s okay to give yourself a break from the catastrophe of this virus is another good marketing message.

Ask the Right Questions

Your interaction with your audience should lead to the right answers that will help you come up with the message they want to hear. But how would any of your questions lead to the right answers if you’re not asking the right thing? Learn how to listen but also learn how to be emphatic about the situation. Do not be insensitive to what your audience is going through right now. If possible, wait them out. They will appreciate the camaraderie that you showed.

When making an corporate video production, make sure your message is full of hope and is humane. That will show the audience your seriousness about helping them.