What Communication Skills Does a Lakeland Videographer Need?

by | Nov 15, 2019

We communicate every day in the workplace. What’s stopping a Lakeland videographer from developing his own communication skills? A well-developed set of communication skills will help videographers land clients, as well as improve the way they build relationships with their clients and their team.

There are four main types of communication skills, each one is equally important for the development of a Lakeland videographer. The types of communication skills are verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. Some have great verbal skills but can’t write a good resume to save their lives. Some are great at writing but don’t have the power to speak before a large group.


As a Lakeland videographer, you need to speak in a strong and confident voice. Otherwise, the rest of the team won’t listen to you. Using action-oriented words will also show strong leadership skills. You need this skill when presenting before a client or when you’re trying to sell your services to potential buyers. How about meetings, conferences, and workshops? You need verbal communication skills, too, to succeed in those events.


Non-verbal communication uses body language and expression to send a message to the clients. For example, nodding your head lightly during a presentation will show that you’re listening to the presenter and following his thoughts. If you’re sitting in a slouched position, that will show that you’re lazy and uninterested. Make an effort for your non-verbal cues to be intentional.


Writing is commonly used to share information through journals, books, blogs, letters, emails, and memos. But unlike verbal and non-verbal communication, the written words don’t have the advantage of conveying tone. So, be careful when joking in an email because you may come off as offensive when you’re actually trying to lighten up the mood. Keep your words simple when communicating either formally or casually. No one needs to open the dictionary because you kept on using highfalutin words in an ordinary blog and email.


People who need to present before a group of people can use graphs, charts, images, videos, drawings, and sketches to help convey their messages. These are considered as aids to the main mode of communication, which is verbal. When using visuals during presentations, however, make sure that they will not muddle your message. A Lakeland videographer uses visuals to show his skills.

A Lakeland videographer must work to improve his communication skills. It will be helpful if you can attend seminars and conferences that aim to improve these skills. You can also practice with some friends and family, so you’ll be more prepared to face potential clients.