What Does Lakeland Video Production Look Like In the New Norm?

by | May 20, 2021

The pandemic is forcing people and industries to take stock of where they stand right now. Many can adapt to the health and safety standards that are currently in place. Other industries, meanwhile, are having a hard time adapting to these changes. But what about Lakeland video production? How are production houses supposed to adjust to having health safety protocols?


The National Basketball Association (NBA) created a bubble for NBA players to pursue a season. In the bubble, health protocols are ensured and no one outside this bubble can have access to the players. For many production houses, this is a real challenge because creating a bubble is an expensive endeavor. But for bigger projects that require the production team to be in the same place for weeks, this is a wise and practical method.


The other method is to swab people that participate in the production. Regular swabbing will ensure that if there is, indeed, a positive case, the production can immediately do contact tracing. It is easier to stop the spread of the virus in a controlled environment if you know what you’re facing. Most productions can do swabbing at least once a week or even more frequently.

Health Protocols

Of course, nothing beats observing minimum health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing things, and practicing social distancing. The only time these are impossible to do is when the Lakeland video production is doing fiction (unless you somehow worked wearing masks into the storyline). Production sites, for example, should have sanitation areas so that it’s easy for members of the staff to wash their hands and sanitize devices, among others.


Those who cannot shoot videos physically can do so virtually? Do you know that it is possible to shoot a video virtually? The videographer, for example, can guide clients on how to angle the videos so that they take the best possible shots. Once this is finished, the clients can send the raw videos to the videographer and editor. They will be the ones to cut, edit, and process the video. They will come up with the best possible version of the video for you.

Who says it’s anything but hard for Lakeland video production? The pandemic is possibly the hardest challenge that production companies have to face. The majority of the services that they offer are face-to-face transactions and physical interactions. With the pandemic still very much present, production agencies have to be creative with how they go about doing their business.