What Does the Future of Corporate Video Production Look Like?

by | May 20, 2021

The only constant thing is change, they say. That is true now than it ever has been. The past year proved that we have so much to lose in a life that’s constantly claiming, purchasing, working, and embracing. With the pandemic still very much present in our lives, we turn to technology and all its powers to continue living the way we’ve always lived although with very major changes. Even in corporate video production, we are bound to see some changes in the way we use it in our work.

Live Streaming

We’ve seen live streaming go big in the past three years, but last year was an exception. Big and small companies used live streaming to interact with an audience that’s left isolated by the pandemic.

Live streaming has become a weekly, if not daily, occurrence in our professional lives. It is now a central and critical part of the marketing and communication strategies of many organizations. The ability of live streaming to create unique experiences for the customers is what makes it more than just a trend.

Home Setup

If your business was used to having a large studio to make corporate video production, the past year has disallowed that. Instead, your team is probably making videos in a makeshift studio in your office or your home.

Don’t fret because soon, you might be able to use a rented studio again. But if you find that your small office setup works just as fine, why would you want to spend thousands of dollars to rent a studio?

Remote Video Production

The ability to stitch videos together will become even more useful this year. Remote video production refers to the power to put the main video together by combining video clips from different locations. A good team will know just how the video output should appear, so they’ll each produce a video along with the same themes and concepts.

Bringing all these together will create a corporate video production that’s valuable for your business. Going forward, this will likely be something that many businesses will also adopt.

Simpler Productions

Because of the inability to meet face-to-face, companies are going to produce simpler productions. They’ll go without complex angles for now because it’s also impossible to use studio-quality backdrops and lighting at a time that social distancing is still in place.

This means that what you say will be more important than what you show. Your business should be more adept at creating a great message than relying purely on aesthetics.