What Happens When Your Lakeland Wedding Videography Has No Copyright Rights

by | Apr 22, 2019

When you think about Lakeland wedding videography, rarely will you even give a second of thought to copyrights. Why would you? Isn’t that the problem of the video team, specifically the video editor? Isn’t he the one supposed to get permission to use a certain song for the final video production?

While these are good reasons, most videography teams wouldn’t even discuss copyright laws with you because they simply assume that the wedding video was intended for personal consumption. Meaning, you won’t actually use it for commercial purposes and that includes uploads on social media.

But we all know that we will not be able to help ourselves from uploading our wonderful wedding videos on social media. We want to show off how fun our wedding was and how beautiful we are during that day. However, uploading these videos to social media comes with responsibility. You must first make sure you have permission to use the music. This usually means you paid the copyright fee to the producers of the music.

If you upload the videos without copyright, these are the things that might happen to your video and your account:

The audio will be muted

This might be the simplest form of punishment that Facebook imposes on those who violates their copyright laws. Even when your followers play your video, there won’t be any audio heard because technically, Facebook will mute the audio. No, it’s not a technical problem that you can do something about. Your violation of copyright laws will allow Facebook to prohibit you from streaming the music along with your video.

You may face a lawsuit

The production houses that hold the copyrights of the music you illegally used may sue you for the violation. While things can be settled outside of court (and it usually is), you can be fined heftily and taking care of legal woes is also a nuisance. Instead of enjoying your time as husband and wife, you will be forced to attend negotiations and court hearings.

Your account may be deactivated or sanctioned

Facebook may, of course, deactivate your account because you did not follow the rules stipulated in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up for the platform. You may find yourself unable to enter your very own account or worse, Facebook may altogether delete your account because of your irresponsibility to get rights to use a certain song in your Lakeland wedding videography.