What Kind Of Video Production Your Business Needs?

by | Jul 5, 2018

These days, a business would not be able to survive without a video production of some sort. Whether uploaded on the website or on social media, the videos would present what the company can offer, talking directly to potential consumers.

There was a time when we would look at the Yellow Pages to check the nearest car mechanic, for example. That’s all gone now. We go to Facebook or Google, type in car mechanic and the location where we need it and voila, the results will be there in less than a second.

Now, the tricky part is persuading the customer to give your business a call. The competition becomes tougher each day because of the use of many marketing ploys. To get an edge over the other players in the market, you must create a stunning video production about your company.

Here are the different types of videos for businesses, so make sure to define exactly where you stand.

Testimonial videos

If you are selling a new product in the market, something that has never been used widely before, you may need a testimonial video. In this type of video, you would use previous and current customers. They would need to go on record and provide information about how the products have made their lives easier.

This is a very effective type of promotional video because potential buyers love hearing from previous customers. They are more inclined to believe real people who have experienced the products firsthand.

Informational videos

People like to be informed about the products or the services that you offer. They need to see why they need such a product. For example, your campaign is to reduce the use of plastics. The best way to inform your market about your product (a bamboo straw, for example) is to show the effect of plastics and how your products could help alleviate that effect.

Instructional videos

Aside from wanting information about the products, customers want you to show them, too, how they work and how to use them. This is especially important if you’re selling something mechanic or automated. You have to wow your audience and persuade them that they need this particular gadget in their homes.


Sometimes, you need to bombard your audience not with information but with emotions. You have to appeal to their sense of motherhood, for example. If your products have something to do with a vaccine or a medication for babies, you can sponsor a documentary on how the illness has affected a number of babies in and out of the country. This will appeal to every mother and they would give your products that second glance you want.