What Makes Drone Videography Unique

by | Jun 26, 2018

Log in on your Facebook account or your Twitter or Instagram account. See what is being posted there. Half of the time, you’ll see advertisements (sponsored or not) and viral videos. You may also see wedding videos being shown by the couple who has just gotten married.

The common denominator is the video. Media outlets use it. Businesses use it. The common people use it. The average millennial takes several video clips a day. Heck, they even have drone videography as one of their skills. That’s how popular making videos suddenly became.

When it comes to business, videos are even more important. The power of telling stories could be seen in the way the videos are angled and the composition of every shot. Drone videography is a unique way to tell the story and to show a different perspective to your target audience.


The start of the video is important to capture the attention of the audience. A captive audience will most likely stay put and watch the entire thing. Believe it or not, there’s a large percentage of social media users that just don’t care about watching videos.

They think it’s a waste of time, so you have to capture their attention on the first millisecond of the video. Drones can give you this advantage. What videographers usually do is to start the video by showing the subject far away and then slowly moving closer, or vice versa. This creates a new perspective that the audience has never seen before.

Aerial view

Drone videography can provide an aerial view of a territory or a property. This makes for a compelling video; one where the audience can see the surroundings of a property or an event. Drones allow us to capture the overall size of a property, which is important for monitoring the developments of a project or simply surveilling the areas. A community’s safety and security during natural disasters or civil unrest, for example, will benefit from drone photos and videos.

Marketers will also benefit from the aerial view because they can use it to research target areas or assess the kind of development the community needs.

Group video shots

What use is your social media if you don’t have unique photos and videos to post? You will wow your followers if you and your friends got a group shot that’s from way up above. It is very challenging to take a group shot from the ground because you have to take into account the height of the persons and the space allowed. But with a drone, you can simply let it hover above you and take as many photos as you like. This is a great tool for taking photos and videos during a wedding and other special occasions.