What Professional Photographers Should Know About Drone Photography

by | Nov 26, 2018

Drone photography is becoming more prevalent than ever today, thanks to the countless drone photographers and videographers showcasing the wonders of the through the use of drones.

It has come to the point where the demand for professional drone photography services is pretty much on par with the demand for typical photography and videography services.

Because of this, more and more professional photographers and videographers are looking to incorporate drone services into their already existing repertoire of services.

But getting started with drone photography means so much more than just picking up any old drone and shooting with it. Here are some things that you as a professional photographer should know about drone photography.

You need to get registered and licensed

Something that surprises first-time drone pilots when they pick up drone tech for the first time is finding out that they need to register their drone and get licensed if they want to fly their drones commercially.

All drones that meet certain weight criteria are required to be registered with the FAA. in addition to this, if you’re looking to fly drones professionally, you are required to take an examination in order to obtain a drone pilot license. While it sounds like a lot of legal work, it is fairly easy to comply with and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law when flying without a license.

Know the laws

Speaking of laws, you have to absolutely be aware of the local laws when it comes to shooting drone photography and videography.

It’s not like shooting with a DSLR where all you have to do is show up and start taking photos, drone laws have been implemented to help protect the drone pilot and their surroundings. No matter where you are, it’s always helpful to look into what your local drone laws are in order to avoid violating these.

Know your drones

Choosing a camera for your professional photography is a lot like choosing the right drone for your drone photography and videography needs.

While it is recommended to choose a simple one to start with, as you become more and more comfortable with the medium, you will come to learn what your preferences are in terms of what you want out of a drone.

Whether you want more customizability, better camera quality, or more features, these are things that you will discover as you continue to explore this niche.

It takes quite a little bit more practice

We’re not saying shooting professional photography is easy, we’re simply saying that flying a drone and shooting professional grade photography takes a lot more practice.

In order to get into the flow of things, it helps to practice with a beginner drone in order to avoid damaging your very expensive drone while you practice flying.