What To Expect From A Lakeland Videographer On Your Wedding Day

by | Apr 2, 2019

A bride and groom should not worry during their wedding day but that will depend on how efficient your Lakeland videographer is. One of the things that a bride worries most about during the day of the wedding is how she looks like on photos and videos and whether the videographer will arrive on time.

Since the couple is paying good money to have their event commemorated, it is their right to demand their videographer to be on time, efficient, communicative, and supportive.


A Lakeland videographer should be able to coordinate closely with the other wedding suppliers. He will, of course, be working most closely with the photographer so they should be in tune with the kind of approach they want to take.

Days before the big day, make it a point to introduce your photographer and videographer to each other. This will help them get to know each other’s styles and it will also give them an opportunity to plan ahead. A great working relationship will produce the best photos and videos.


The kind of equipment that will be used on the wedding day should be a part of your contract. But in case you haven’t had the time or the opportunity to question the videographer about the cameras, lights, microphones, and other accessories he will be using, you should still be able to expect that he will come ready during the big day.

This means he will bring with him his cameras, memory cards, extra battery packs, microphone attachments, lenses, editing equipment, and many more.


A meeting with the Lakeland videographer before or on the morning of the wedding day should clarify the approach they are going to take for your videos.

Some of these approaches may change because of the conditions of the weather, restrictions in the church or the venue, and many such factors, but the core should remain intact.

If, as a couple, you have decided to have an editorial-style photo shoot, then that’s what is supposed to happen. The videographer should be able to adjust his approach to suit your demands and the restrictions and changes that will happen on the day of the wedding.

Final product

No matter how hard it is for the Lakeland videographer to take those shots and how effortful it was for the couple to pose and project, the final product should be as flawless and perfect as promised.

Years from now, this is what the couple would look at and remember most about their wedding. Do not ruin that memory for them and make the most out of your time out there on the field to take the best shots of the couple.