What To Expect From Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | Feb 6, 2019

Hiring a Lakeland wedding photography team is not a cheap thing to do. Even when couples have set aside a big budget for their wedding, professional photographers will still take a huge chunk out of their money.

That’s why it’s important to understand what photographers do from the preparation to the post-production. This information helps you protect your investment and makes you realize the limits and scope of what you can demand from them.


Your wedding photography team has to be with you during the preparations for the wedding. If you availed of the full package, this means there’s a team dedicated to the bride and another one for the groom.

They will capture the moments leading up to the ceremony, which is the most important part of the day. The preparation will include members of the entourage and the couples’ families as they prepare for the big day together.

Most of these are just fluff pieces that the editors will, later on, use as fillers for the video. But for the bride and groom, these raw videos are nonetheless special because it gives them a sense of what they did before taking their vows.


This is the most important part of the day, the time when these two people finally make the ultimate promise to be by each other’s side for the rest of their lives. Every emotion is critical and the photographers must not miss anything.

This will also include photos with the entourage, with the families, with friends, and even with acquaintances. Of course, there are also beauty shots, as what they call them, where the couple will pose dramatically for the camera’s benefit.


The reception’s a little bit laidback. At this point, a part of your photography team is already preparing to show the edited photos and videos of the wedding.

Sure, they will still take as many photos as they can for the reception but since the couple is finally together, there’s no need for two teams in two different places. Everyone is gathered in one place.

The emotions are mostly jolly in nature and photographers must still remember to capture the emotions for the father-daughter dance, the couple’s first dance, and the various games the couple prepared for their guests.


Finally, many couples forget that they also paid for the post-production. This is where the editing team needs to come in to refresh the photos and edit the videos days after the wedding commenced.

They also have to print the photos and lay them out in an album. You can get copies of your photos, videos, and album about two weeks to a month after the wedding.