What Type of Lakeland Video Production Does Your Business Need This Year?

by | Feb 11, 2021

If you ask experts about what marketing advice they can give you for 2021, it would be this: include Lakeland video production in your business strategy. There is no clearer message than that. However, it needs to be asked, too: what type of marketing video do you need?

You can choose from a variety of marketing videos now being used in all types of industries. You can go with super-short micro video clips or live videos on social media or full production ads and stories or documentaries. Almost all of these have merits of their own. They can help your business reach its potentials and maximize the tools and resources available to it.

Micro Video Clips

These are short bursts of video clips on social media. They usually last a few seconds, and they are usually teasers to a bigger production. Think of the way TikTok has revolutionized marketing videos. With cool filters and extra sophisticated editing tools, you can make a 10-second TikTok video the star of your marketing strategy.

Live Videos on Social Media

Live streaming has been prevalent last year because everyone’s virtually stuck at home. With people depending on the internet for social interaction and reach, everyone now knows how powerful live streaming can become if utilized properly. Audiences love live streaming because it’s real-time, the engagement is instantaneous, and they can impact the conversation. It also makes them feel “closer” to the brands that they support.

Full-production Ads

You see full-production ads usually around Christmas. They are almost like mini-movies where there are plots and storylines to follow. Many companies make sure to produce a holiday-themed ad for their businesses. Yes, even if they don’t believe in Christmas themselves. The fact that their intended audience wants is reason enough for them to invest in a Lakeland video production company around this time of the year.


Finally, documentaries can make you feel like an expert in your field. You can talk about anything you want as long as it’s connected to the products and services you sell. It’s important for documentaries not to feel like a hard-sell. It should show your expertise in a subject matter and help convince people to check out your brand.

With many different types of Lakeland video production for your business, we’re sure you can choose the perfect material for your brand. Make sure to understand first what your market needs before pouring all your resources into producing a marketing video.