Where To Look For Drone Videography Services

by | Jul 24, 2018

Looking for drone videography service providers is not as hard as it was before. They are everywhere now. It’s a skill that not all videographers have but somehow, through the years, they have also mastered how to fly a drone and take videos and photos from cameras attached to the drones.

If you are looking for a videographer who can take aerial photos and videos, here are some tips on where to find professionals and experts:

Local Listings

The great thing about checking out the local listings is that all of the businesses listed there can be found near the area of your residence or your company.

You will be assured that the videographers provide services for your particular area as oppose to getting attracted by the good reviews and then finding out you will have to pay extra for lodging and transportation. Thanks to Google Maps, you can check out the offices nearest your place with an accompanying review to boot!

Social media

Ever heard of crowdsourcing? Right now, it’s the best way to collect information from social media. Post a question on your Facebook news feed about which videographer would your friends recommend in the area. You can also check out some local community groups.

There, they will give you tips about how to deal with a particular videographer and who’s the best in the industry. You may even meet a videographer there and inquire about his services straight away.


How do you know if you would spend hundreds of dollars on a new restaurant? You check them out on Yelp, right? If it got great reviews, there’ll be a good chance you’re going there this weekend. But if it received negative reviews, you’ll scratch its name off the list.

Online forums are a great source of information. People share details about their experiences. You may even get info on how much the services are and what price is fair to pay for a video service.

Yellow pages

We know, we know. Telecom companies don’t print the yellow pages anymore and that’s sad because this has become a part of our tradition growing up. When you need a plumber, check the yellow pages under the letter P.

Thanks to the internet, however, there’s a digital Yellow Pages now. It works the same as those old crumpled booklets, though you can now just type in a keyword and the results will appear in no time.