Why Does A Lakeland Videographer Need A Blog?

by | Oct 22, 2019

Clients need to read about the services and expertise of the Lakeland videographer they plan to hire. That’s why, if you’re in the industry, you need to start your own blog to promote your services. Like many other businesses, a blog will let you show off your expertise and your skills. On the blog, you can post about the various experiences you had, as well as the videos you have done in the past.

But what are the other reasons why a Lakeland videographer needs to invest in content marketing? Can’t videographers simply post a video on social media and be done with it?


The blog is where your portfolio can be posted. While you have a separate webpage for all your works, your blog page is where you can talk about the things in your portfolio.

It will further show off your expertise on the subject matter. It can also highlight your skills and capabilities as a videographer. The blog will act as an extension of your portfolio. This is where you can elaborate on what potential clients see on the portfolio.


The point of having a blog is to show that you’re an expert in your chosen field. As a Lakeland videographer, what separates you from your competitors?

What kind of expertise do you have? Are you good with wedding videos? With corporate events? With birthdays, anniversaries, and travel videos? This is your chance to talk about the things that you are an expert in. You can use your authority on the subject matter to appeal to your target market.

Share Stories

Potential clients like hearing stories about your past clients. If you had a client who was quite popular, you can ask his/her permission to share the story of how you came to cover his/her event.

You can use this as a jump-off point for your marketing strategy. You can promote your services using your experience with a client. This is actually an effective way to market your products and services—by using past customers and their positive reviews of your business.

Today, a business or a profession can never survive without content marketing. Although there is fear of too much content on the internet, businesses—whether online or offline—will fail to progress without content.

Even in the visual-focused videography industry, content is still king. It will continue to dominate many marketing trends and strategies. So, if you’re a budding Lakeland videographer, investing in content marketing will get you places.