Why Hire a Lakeland Video Production Company Instead of a Freelancer?

by | Dec 19, 2019

The thought of hiring a freelancer for your Lakeland video production project is always tempting. Why not? Freelancers are cheaper and they are more communicative. But these two things are not the components of a great corporate video. If you’re looking to attract customers and enhance your business’ presence, what you need to do is hire a video production company with professional equipment, experience, and quality resources. Freelancers are usually unable to comply with at least having the latest in equipment. That alone should be a red flag for your corporate interests.

Know What You Are Getting

A video production company has a portfolio you can check. If their past customers allow it, you can contact them and ask about their experiences working with the company. They devote a lot of time and research into honing and developing their skills. You know that what you’re getting by hiring a video production company is experienced and the best in video technology. A lot of freelancers have only been in the industry for a year or two. They also don’t have a lot of past customers who you can contact and ask feedback from.

People With a Wide Range of Talent

The reason big Hollywood film production firms hire thousands of people to work for them is to deliver the best video production possible. They hire talented writers and editors. They hire the best cameramen and light equipment specialists. They tap into this extensive pool of talent and skill to come up with a corporate video that will bring your business to new heights. By doing this, they ensure that every area of their work is superb.

That’s what you’re getting when you hire a Lakeland video production company. You are getting people with a wide range of talents and skills. They are not only good at taking photos and videos. They can edit, splice, write, and direct, too.

Access to High-end Equipment

A video production company has all the high-tech equipment they need to produce amazing video projects. Freelancers can’t easily invest because they have to carry the weight of the expenses by themselves. This is why working with a Lakeland video production company is more valuable. You’re getting what you’re paying for. They want to increase the production value of their company, so they invest in high-tech equipment.

These three are not the only reasons why it’s better to work with a video production company than a freelancer. A video production company will also finish the projects in time as opposed to a freelancer who has no system in place yet.