Why Internal Communication Through Corporate Video Production Matters

by | Jul 5, 2018

Have you ever tried managing your business from afar? Perhaps, while you’re in vacation? Isn’t it difficult to communicate with your employees when you have to do it through a blurry video conference call because the signal in your current location isn’t that good?

Technology today will allow you to manage your business without even having to leave your apartment. Use that technology and harness the powers of corporate video production for the betterment of your business.


A corporate video production allows us to be creative. If we need to instruct or educate our employees about a new policy or a new process that we like implemented, we can use a prepared video for them to watch.

You don’t need to go over the details again and again with different groups of people. You simply need to shoot a video of yourself explaining the concepts, the ideas, and the policies to a camera.

But aside from talking directly to your employees, a video allows you to be creative as well. You can use a green screen to show graphs, images, charts, and other multimedia presentation methods.

Time management

Meeting face-to-face, unless it is very important, is a waste of your time and your employees’ time. You could be meeting with an investor and closing a deal. Your employees could be finishing a project they have been doing for the past weeks.

Using videos to convey messages and announcements will allow everyone to manage their time very well. Instead of everyone sitting in one room and collectively wasting their time, they can go do their job and watch your video once they have the time for it.

Not everyone works at the same phase. Of course, you need to tell your people to watch the video as soon as they get it if it’s that important. But if it is not urgent, there’s really no need to waste everybody’s time on it.


How hard it is to micromanage your people when you’re always out of the office? You won’t be able to observe them and you won’t be able to instruct them on how to do things the right way. A video production allows you to leave messages, policies, suggestions, comments, and announcements to your team.

They could go over it again if they didn’t get it the first time (which would actually annoy you if it happens in person). This provides a way for you to micromanage each employee by leaving specific instruction through a video.