Why Internship Matters If You Want To Be A Good Lakeland Videographer

by | May 7, 2019

Are you a newbie Lakeland videographer who wants to learn more about this amazing industry? Are you struggling with the standards that are required from professional videographers? Are you looking to increase your opportunities to attract clients? You might want to start interning for a video production company and shadow professional videographers when they do their projects.

Taking on an internship role, even a non-paid one, will give you access to a ton of real-life knowledge that would otherwise be alien to you. Honing your skills as a videographer does not mean sitting inside a classroom and listening to a teacher drone on and on about the basics of photography and the principles of videography. You have to experience things to learn them, especially in something as visual as videography.

Professionals standards

There are many things you will learn from an internship. You won’t learn these things from your school. Pay attention to how others are composing themselves. Don’t think of your internship as a game. Instead, treat it as actual work, except you’ll do a lot more learning than working.

Dress up as if you’re going to your first day at work and show up on time, too. There’s nothing more annoying for a professional videographer than waiting for his intern to arrive on time.

You’ll learn how to reply to inquiries, how to deal with annoying actors, how to answer to supervisors, and how to handle yourself professionally while on the set.

Workflow process

What your professor won’t be able to tell you is how the production flows in real life. Sure, he/she may have some vague idea of how this is being done but the truth is, even professors who are actual videographers that render their time to teach students cannot truly teach you the truth. They are bound by a curriculum and they can’t very well tell you that on the set, people fight like cats and dogs and yell and curse at each other.

Since schools mostly have very strict guidelines on dealing with college students, you’ll be left with only a general idea of how it feels like to be in an actual set. An internship can change that because you will be able to witness yourself how things are being done there.

Exposure to people

You’ll make a lot of connections when you shadow a Lakeland videographer. By simply bringing him coffee and snacks (and yes, that’s what internships sometimes are for), you’ll get to meet the actors, editors, sound engineers, and directors he’s working with. That will provide a huge exposure to the video production industry. Who knows? You’ll be working with the same people someday.