Why Lakeland Videographer Internship Is Important

by | Jun 11, 2019

You have seen many of the tips for a Lakeland videographer here suggesting that anyone who wants to be in this industry should volunteer his time as an intern. Whether it’s a paid internship or not, it doesn’t matter. The focus is for you to gain experience and to observe how other professional videographers are conducting themselves when dealing with clients and doing the project.

The reason why many Lakeland videographer fails in this industry is because some of them refuse to be a part of an internship program where they will be exposed to different scenarios and situations. What, you think interns are just asked to get coffee or carry the videographer’s bag?

To some extent, that may be true but that’s also part of the learning experience. You have to start somewhere, right? Starting at the bottom is what’s going to make this journey a beautiful one.

Observe, Observe, Observe

If you are part of an internship program right now, this is your chance to gain knowledge and skills that the university cannot teach you. Open your eyes. Observe. Welcome the changes in the industry that you see. Do not depend too much on theories and principles.

See how these professional videographers are dealing with the scenarios? You have to know by heart what will work and what won’t. That’s what’s going to separate you from the great ones.


If you start to be resistant to the videographer assigned to you, you will gain not even half of the knowledge and skills that he possesses. Learn how to be a follower. Remember that at this point in your life, you haven’t proven anything to yourself yet, videography-wise.

You don’t have the experience to back your theories or principles. You need to be a good follower; to understand that even the great videographers of your time have mentors that they listen to.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

You think this quote isn’t true? There’s nothing in life that teaches you more than being able to experience things yourself. But who would give you, a beginner, the opportunity and chance to prove yourself? This is why internships are important.

You can actually include this in your resume. Gaining experience is the most important step you need to take to start off your videography career. And what better way to have a taste of the industry than become an intern for someone you admire and want to be a mentor?