Lakeland Wedding Videography 101: Using a Drone

by | Aug 8, 2019

Drone photography and videography is quickly taking the world by storm, and the Lakeland wedding videography industry is no different. In fact, the wedding production industry is one that has greatly benefitted from drone services.

After all, wedding couples would love for their special day to be recorded in its entirety, and using a drone can help make sure that your wedding is fully captured and with great angles.

However, you should be aware that if you choose to work with drones for your wedding production, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here is everything that you need to know about working with a drone for your Lakeland wedding videography.

Hire a licensed pilot

If you want a drone for your wedding, the best way to get it is by hiring a licensed pilot to take care of this for you. The reason why you need a licensed pilot is that in the United States, drone pilots are required to take an exam and be licensed before they can pilot a drone.

Not only that, a licensed drone pilot is likely to be more experienced at taking the kind of shots that you want for your wedding video.

Take note of local drone laws and regulations

If we’re talking about the legalities of everything, you should also keep in mind about the local drone laws and regulations that are in place at the location of your wedding.

In the United States, drones cannot be flown in urban areas or locations where there is a high volume of people, as this can hurt the people and your drone.

If you’re planning a destination wedding and you want to have a drone there, make sure that you look up the local drone laws and regulations to make sure that you’re not committing any violations by having a drone there.

Take note of what shots you want ahead of time

Something that you should know about drones is the fact that their battery charges don’t last long, which can put a damper on the documentation process.

While drone pilots usually carry more than one battery with them, you can help them out by taking note of what kind of shots you want ahead of time for your Lakeland wedding videography, to save time and battery.

Knowing what shots you want ahead of time helps cut down on any planning steps you might have to face, and makes the entire documentation process much smoother.