Your Lakeland Wedding Videography Contract Should Cover These Things

by | Jul 11, 2019

When a couple gets married, as much as possible, they want this to be the first and only time that they go through the specifics of arranging a marriage ceremony. This is why, for most people who need a Lakeland wedding videography team, the process can seem rather intimidating at first.

One of the aspects of wedding planning that throws off a lot of couples is the legal requirements attached to these.

In the case of your wedding videography and photography, you will need to sign a contract to make sure that all involved parties are well-aware of what is expected from both sides during the exchange of services.

As this is most likely your first time dealing with a Lakeland wedding videography contract, here are some essentials that your contract needs to cover.

Basic information

Of course, like any contract, make sure that the contract that you’re signing contains all of the basic information that is needed from both parties. This includes names, addresses, contact information, and basically any additional basic information that is needed from both parties. This helps both sides refer to the contract if they need anything from the other.

Basic summary of what is expected from both parties

In addition to basic information, another important part of a wedding videography contract is a basic summary of what is needed from both parties. For example, as the videographer, they are expected to provide the couple with a specific amount of footage that has been properly edited.

On the side of the couple, they are to pay the videographer this amount of money in exchange for the services rendered. This helps guarantee that everyone is on the same page.

Schedules, including payment

In industries like the wedding videography industry, schedules are a very important part of any contract. This is because a wedding videography gig is more of a one-time thing, which means that the videographer only has one chance to get this once-in-a-lifetime moment on film, which the couple will be looking for.

This is why the schedule should be properly clarified on paper, so that both parties are aware of the deadlines that are imposed on the both of them. For the videographer, when they’re expected to film, and for the couple, their expected payment schedules.

Any additional fees

Some couples hire videography teams from out of state, or from somewhere that is a distance away from the wedding.

If you require your Lakeland wedding videography team to fulfil any additional services like travel a significant distance, then they may require compensation from you for this. All of these additional fees will be outlined in the contract as well.