Your Lakeland Wedding Videography Portfolio

by | Jun 20, 2019

Whether you’re a video editor, photographer, videographer, or an owner of a Lakeland wedding videography production company, you need a portfolio of your work that will showcase the different projects you have done in the past. This portfolio will help your clients make the right decision to hire your company as their wedding videographer.

The ability to show a video portfolio of your work can be the difference between landing new job offers or losing to a competitor.

Choose One of Each

The first thing you need to do is to choose the videos that will be included in the portfolio and to cut a specific clip that showcases your skills as a videographer. You may want to choose one from each theme that you have done.

A wedding video, a product launch, a TV commercial, a digital ad… all of these will help potential clients see that your claims about your skills are true.

Interview People

Instead of relying on written comments, reviews, and recommendations, you may want to ask your clients if they are okay appearing on the video to say the same things. If there’s one thing that potential customers would love to see in your portfolio, it’s actual clients taking the time out of their busy lives to be interviewed by you.

Manage Video Content

You can manage your site’s or social media’s video content through a variety of means and tools. You can create a schedule where the portfolio will be published. You can also synchronize your engagement with viewers.

Most of the tools come at a price but they’re minimal (around $12 a month) for what they can do, which is mostly to create and manage a website. They also allow you to better monitor and look over your social media profiles.

Label Correctly

Your videos need to have a title and possibly, even a subtitle or caption. Labeling them correctly will allow people to easily find them and access them. Do not forget to put a title and a description.


When it comes to optimizing Lakeland wedding videography content for Google, you can find no wrong in using hashtags, keywords, meta title, meta description, and backlinks.

These will ensure that your video will be indexed by Google, making it easier for potential clients to find them using a particular keyword on Google. You can have the best-designed portfolio but if no one can find it because Google did not index it, what good would the portfolio do your business?