3 Effective Ways a Lakeland Videographer Can Make Better Marketing Videos

by | Mar 4, 2020

If you’re the type of person who hears information on one ear and get that information out the other ear, don’t worry. You are not alone. A vast majority of the population has a very short attention span. This means they cannot focus, process, and retain information for a long time. They usually forget what you said in about a minute or so. That’s why a Lakeland videographer may find it hard to create a marketing video that will be engaging and attractive to the target audience.

To be a great content creator, you need to make a video that can capture your audience’s attention. Never forget that much of what you said on the video will be forgotten. You have to find a way for your audience to remember what was said in the video. Here are the three tips you should follow:

Reiterate Audibly and Visually

A marketing pitch will usually contain two to three sentences. That will give the viewers and your audience enough context of what products and services you are selling. But the important thing is to hone in on what you want the audience to focus on.

What is that single sentence that you want your target market to remember about watching the video? This sentence is the take away of that video. On the video, make sure to include a visual aid of the sentence you want them to remember. They will better understand the message if they can hear and read it.

Add More B-rolls

Many editors had it wrong. They think that by adding a lot of b-roll in the video, it will lose its quality and the value of its message. This is wrong. The more b-roll you include, the more your audience’s attention will be captured by the video.

As long as there’s a simple link or connection between the b-roll and the video’s message, your audience will be enthralled by the video. They won’t be able to look away. That’s much better compared to looking at the screen with the same image or text for a long time. The images on the screen should be constantly moving.

Maximize the First 30 Seconds

Most people will give you 30 seconds max to capture their attention. The first 30 seconds of your video is very crucial so a smart Lakeland videographer will focus on making those first seconds attention-grabbing. Viewers will usually decide within those first 30 seconds if they want to continue watching the video or not. Don’t give them any reason not to.