Aerial Photography

The progress of the photography industry is an interesting one, especially when you take into account the fact that for the longest time, photography consisted of point and shoot types that allowed for very little room for creativity. Nowadays, photography has taken interesting advancements, including DSLRs and the re-emergence of the Polaroid.

Along with these advances in photography tech is the rise in popularity of aerial photography, or drone photography. While taking photos simply took the effort of looking at a subject and taking a photo of it, aerial photography adds a layer of perspective to a subject that cannot be replicated by any other type of photography. Aerial photography used to be something that was very expensive to carry out, as there was no specific photography technology created yet to capture images from that high above.

If you were interested in doing aerial photography in an old-school fashion, you would have to hire out a helicopter or a small plane to take those photos from that altitude. Nowadays, drones are available to make aerial photography easier and much more enjoyable. Here at BrightSky Video Production, we offer aerial photography services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Aerial photography can be used for any number of things. Whether you’re interested in shooting a location that’s difficult to reach by conventional means, or if you’re looking to showcase a different perspective on your business, BrightSky Video Production can help you achieve these and so much more with our aerial photography services.

The great thing about aerial photography is that no matter the situation or event, aerial photography is a great way to get some really interesting photographs. If you’re still unconvinced, here are just a few areas that aerial photography can really make an impact in.


Aerial photography rose to prominence because of its prevalent use in travel photography. You can’t really blame them, using drone technology to look at beautiful locations from another perspective is unlike any other kind of experience. Locations that were almost impossible to access and view are now easily seen and appreciated by many with drones nowadays. If you’re looking to photograph an area that is inaccessible by humans, then we can help you capture these locations on photo with our team of experienced aerial photographers.


Using aerial photography for your business website can really add an interesting perspective to the nature of your business that your customers will definitely enjoy experiencing. Making use of aerial photography also allows a 360 degree view of your business, which is both an entertaining experience, and an informative one. Clients who are interested in your business can view your offices from the comfort of their own homes.

Estate Photography

If you’re looking to sell a piece of real estate, aerial photography can give you an edge by providing prospective buyers with an all-around perspective. Not only can an aerial view capture the entirety of the estate that you are selling, but it can also capture the scale and entirety of the land surrounding it. If you’re looking into commercial estate, then aerial photography can show interested tenants the surrounding area and any landmarks that they may be interested in, such as parks and shops. Overall, there are so many areas and industries that aerial photography can be applicable to. Whether you’re looking for a unique perspective on a beautiful vacation spot, or if you’re looking to provide prospective customers with an inside look into your business, our team at BrightSky Video Production aims to provide our clients with only the best in aerial photography services. If you’re interested in hearing more, then reach out to us today!