3 Reasons Why Lakeland Video Production is Good For Your Site

by | Apr 11, 2019

Is it really such a shock that our business websites demand Lakeland video production? More than 90 percent of consumers access video content on the web.

Your website has a better chance of improving its brand awareness and making a sale by posting a video that will attract potential clients to check out your site and stay there a little bit longer than they intend. Those few seconds of extra time will allow you to persuade them and influence their purchase decision.

Businesses who don’t make the transition from posting text content on their websites to video content will be left behind with an underperforming website and a business that missed out on opportunities.

Clients prefer to consume videos

People are more likely to consume video content than static text. Through videos, they can understand better how a product or service works. It is easier for them to watch a video than to read a whole blog post. Visual content is essential for any website that wants to reach its target market.

YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, reported that there are one billion unique users who visit YouTube monthly, that there are over six billion hours of video being watched each month, and that YouTube can reach more US adults ages 18 to 34 than any other cable network.

Videos create a great user experience

Successful businesses must not only engage with customers in real life. They must also create an experience through their websites in order to hook people who visit the site. Building connections is the primary goal of marketers and they use video content almost exhaustively to reach that goal.

There are a lot of things you can do with Lakeland video production. You can demonstrate how to use a product, share your expertise on the subject matter, and tell the beginnings of your company.

Video content complements SEO

Every keyword is important so that your website can rank better in terms of SEO. YouTube and Google as two of the biggest search engines in the world will rank your website according to the number of views it has and the relevance of the information that can be found there.

Using the right keywords will bring more consumers to you and they will stay more if there is a video posted on your site. Now that Google also shows video results of your searches, it is more important than ever that you include Lakeland video production on your websites.