4 Simple But Important Lakeland Videographer Tips For Better-Quality Videos

by | May 6, 2020

There’s nothing simple about being a Lakeland videographer. Now more than ever, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, videographers need to be creative on how to find projects where their talents and skills can be utilized. With a lot of competition out there, how can a videographer make sure that his work will be above the usual things that potential clients see on the internet?

Get Your Equipment Ready

This seems to be pretty basic, right? But do you know that a lot of people still get this wrong? They don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment they plan to use. They go about using it on auto mode and for some reason, they think that’s enough.

A Lakeland videographer can shoot amazing videos no matter what kind of camera he holds in his hands. He can even shoot a movie using a smartphone. What you need to do is know just how to use the equipment. Shoot with it. Take it for a spin. If you are going to use a smartphone, turn on the overlay grid and use the back camera for better quality. You should also shoot in landscape mode. If you can, get a gimbal stabilizer and an external microphone.

Plan Ahead

Whether you are planning to make a music video, a short film, or a commercial, you have to visualize the scenes from beginning to end. Create a visual board with illustrations of the scenes in sequence. This way, it is easier for you to outline your desired shots per location. It will also help you determine the perfect time of the day for shooting, as well as the cameras and equipment you need per scene.

Use the Right Lights

A good Lakeland videographer knows how important using the right lights is. You need to be intentional with finding a light source that will work for the story you want to tell. If you don’t have that many equipment, you can use lamps and natural light for your videos. Think of how you can make these work for the scenes. If you want to cast a shadow, the light should be angled in such a way that it will create shadows. Natural lights will make a scene look cheery.

Focus on the Subject

Too many videographers make the mistake of not thinking about the subject’s background. What this does is make a video feel messy and cluttered. Choose backgrounds that will give more focus on the subject. It doesn’t have to be a plain background, but it should not take away from the video’s subject.

Remember these four tips when you want to make sure you will produce top-quality videos for your clients.