4 Tips For Hiring A Corporate Video Production Company

by | Jul 26, 2018

A corporate video production is an important marketing tool and strategy for your business. Hiring a person or a company to do it requires for you to have a kind of blind faith in their ability because you will have to pay an up-front fee without seeing the end product. You are putting your business’ faith in the hands of a video producer and until you see the quality of video they produced, you will never fully be satisfied.

Don’t get wowed by a demo reel

When you check out the websites of video production companies, it would always include a one-minute demo reel showing the highlights of their past projects. What the demo reel doesn’t show is how the projects turned out and whether they actually achieved what they set out to do.

You need a video that is more than just pretty and easy on the eyes. You need an effective video that will communicate your company’s message and will attract customers to your business.

Check the company’s recent projects

Recent projects will deliver a more accurate representation of the kind of equipment, talents, and skills the company has right now. You cannot judge a video production company for projects they produced a decade ago using antiquated equipment and editing tools.

A lot of companies fail to upload their recent videos on the website because it is time-consuming. Check their social media feeds instead because it is easier to upload recent projects on Vimeo and YouTube and then link these to their social media accounts.

Get several quotes

Yes, it is time-consuming to wait for video production companies to send their quotes, but it’s a process that will benefit you in the end. You have to get the best quality for your money and getting several quotes for one project will help you compare prices and choose the best one.

Remember that you get what you pay for

Some clients demand high-quality products even if they paid only a college student who does video producing on the side. When you hire an amateur, you can’t exactly expect to get results worthy of a professional skill, right?

No matter what your budget is, you will get someone to produce a video for you. However, your budget will also define what kind of quality your videos will have so if you’ve got money to spare, hire a professional and demand the best video for your business.