5 Reasons To Include Photography And Videography In Your Blog

by | Jul 31, 2018

Do you know that blogs are highly profitable businesses? Do you know that many stay-at-home parents have taken to blogging and could actually keep their households afloat because of the money they make from blogging? Blogging is no longer confined to a diary-like existence.

It is now a form of money-making business that anyone capable of putting words together can earn from. But in order to have a successful blog, you need photography and videography to help you with it.

Here are the reasons why you need media content in your blog content:

Visually appealing

An image, a video, a chart, a graph, or an animation can make your post visually appealing. Just make sure that the media content is related to your post and that it will convey your message correctly. These days, we are also used to seeing “related posts” with thumbnails on the sidebar. The thumbnails use the featured image of that blog post.

Image search engine traffic

Search engines can lead traffic to your blog website through the alt text and image description you use. If you will upload images to your blog posts, make sure to change the image name.

Instead of the “DSC022.jpeg,” you need to be more specific about your image name. You can use keywords and key phrases on your image name to help Google bring traffic to your site.

Social media shares

Social media users love visual content. Having images and videos on your site will compel visitors to share the posts to their social media accounts. This will help increase the drive you are getting from social media websites and there are a lot of users out there that you can tap.

The key thing here is to ensure that your readers will share the post on their social media accounts. That post should have the proper image that is optimized for social media viewing.

Increased length of the article

When your post has media content, it makes the post lengthier and more detailed and thorough. Sure, it does not add to the word count of the post, but it makes the post look better. When using media for your post, try to incorporate one image per page.


When we were kids, we understand a story better when there are pictures. When we are in high school, we like it better when the teachers use videos and images to demonstrate a concept, an idea, or a theory. Even now that we are older, we understand things more when there are images attached to them.